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Scientists, industry professionals and chefs join forces in defence of the future of the seas

The Meeting with the Seas congress, running in Málaga and Cádiz from the 16th to the 19th of June, began this morning with the ‘Flames and Sea’ public event, at which attendees were able to enjoy skewers and grills on the esplanade at Muelle Uno in the Port of Málaga.

Following the ‘Flames and Sea’ public event, which on Sunday united Basque grills and skewers, the 1st Meeting with the Seas went full steam ahead on Monday with the programme of speeches kicking off at the Edgar Neville Auditorium at the Provincial Council facilities.

The first speech of the first day of the Meeting with the Seas congress was given by Javier Garat, president of the International Coalition of Fisheries Associations.

Following a short break, the speeches resumed with Carlos Duarte, director of the Red Sea Research Centre of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, who focused his presentation on marine biodiversity.

He did it again. Ángel León once again surprised us upon appearing on the stage. This time, that of the 1st Meeting with the Seas. He did so this Monday, giving a preview of some of what the tide is bringing to his three Michelin star-holding restaurant Aponiente: marine mycology, in other words, mushrooms and fungi that he himself and his team decided to search for, and managed to find, at sea.

The Bermeo Tuna World project arose from the need for sustainable management of tuna. Rogelio Pozo, general director of AZTI, spoke of this today. “Bermeo came about for sustainable management of tuna,” Pozo explained, predicting that “the pressure on tuna is going to be very great.”

Javier Olleros, from Culler de Pau Michelin star holding restaurant in O Grove, at the heart of the Ría de Arousa, was the last speaker of the morning before the round table of the congress.

The last of the presentations of the first day of the Meeting with the Seas was marked by a round table made up of Roberto Rodríguez Prieto, of Artesans da Pesca; Miren Garmendia, secretary of the Federation of Guilds of Gipuzkoa, and Aranta Murillas, sustainable fishing management researcher.

Scientists and chefs demand urgent sustainability measures to improve the health of the seas.





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