Tuesday, 14 de July

16:30 - 17:15 HRS


Effective fisheries management. How to recover fish stocks

For years, the prominent biologist from Dalhousie University (Canada) Boris Worm has been alerting that we are emptying the oceans of fish faster than most species can be repopulated

Twenty years ago, Boris Worm raised his voice to warn that by 2048 we would run out of marine wildlife suitable for human consumption if no urgent action were taken. Since then he has been working on projects to reduce the impact of illegal fishing and to raise awareness among governments, the fishing industry and, ultimately, society at large. Is having so many boats fishing in so many places for such long periods of time sustainable?

Worm will tell Meeting of the Seas delegates his formula for effective fisheries management to allow fish stock recovery. His talk will address current trends and drivers in marine fishing, focusing on the effects of industrial fishing, climate change and pollution, as a result of our oil-based economy. He will also address future possibilities based on a carbon-neutral circular economy, sustainable food production systems and the creation of global protected areas networks.

There’s still time, and science has a key role to play in guiding this unprecedented global transition. What might our use of the ocean look like once this transition is complete?