Wednesday, 15 de July

16:00 - 16:45 HRS

Awards Ceremony

Sartun 2020 Award: Pristine Seas National Geographic Project

The Pristine Seas project seeks to find, study and protect the ocean’s last remaining wild places

The ocean - which covers 70 percent of the planet's surface - acts as a support for life on Earth. It provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe and regulates the earth's climate. The fishing industry employs more than 180 million people and provides food for billions around the world, while offering us educational, tourism and leisure opportunities. 

The Pristine Seas project was born to find, study and protect the last remaining wild places in the ocean. Through exploration, scientific research, political and economic analysis, and community engagement, researchers seek to create marine reserves where life can thrive, while ensuring their effective management in the years ahead. Each Pristine Seas expedition brings us a little closer to understanding the creation of the oceans and how they fared before human intervention. Marine protected areas are essential to restore oceans’ health. 

Since 2009, the Pristine Seas project has helped to protect 2.2 million square kilometres of oceans around the world. Leading the team is Enric Sala, project founder and manager. His more than one hundred scientific publications, dozens of articles and five documentaries are widely recognised and used in conservation efforts. The team also includes Manu San Felix, a cameraman and photographer as well as an experienced diver and marine biologist who has studied Mediterranean loggerhead sea turtles and monk seals for many years.