Wednesday, 15 de July

12:20 - 13:00 HRS

The challenge of increasing fish consumption after Covid 19

EU consumers spend on average four times more on meat than on fish. In Spain, people spend twice as much on meat than on fish

Fish consumption continues to fall and its consequences are felt by shipowners, local people who make a living from fishing, fishermen, fishmongers, the processing industry and even consumers themselves. We should all agree on how to reverse the situation. In the last 12 years, the consumption of fish and seafood in Spanish homes has fallen by 20%. What are the causes? What can be done to increase the consumption of the world’s healthiest animal protein and that with the lowest carbon footprint?

This round table will bring EU shipowners’ vision on the issue through Javier Garat. Traditional fisheries, who safeguard the consumption of fish products and our fishing culture through innovation and specialisation, will be represented by María Luisa Blanco. Juan Carlos Clemente will give a cook’s view from the Canary Islands and Agnes Leewis of the Dutch Fish Agency (Neederlans Visbureau) will be joining from the Netherlands.